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Two tins of Milo, one cup of sugar; lands man 6-months in prison

Two tins of Milo, one cup of sugar; lands man 6-months in prison

27-year-old  Kwabena Awuah is serving a 6-months term imprisonment for stealing two tins of milk and a cup of sugar.

Awuah, a trotro mate from Mankranso in the Ashanti Region said he was lured by friends to steal from a nearby provision shop.

“A friend of mine lured me into it, it was my first time, I accepted because I needed money to feed but unfortunately for me, I was caught in the act “he said

The remorseful 27-year –old recounted his experience in prison, “Life here is very unbearable, the food is very poor and i do not get enough sleep”

He likened the food served in prison to that of leftover food

According to him, he was fined GHC600 or serve a 6months imprisonment term and since he could not pay he had to serve his term.

Crimecheckghana through its petty offender’s project paid Awuah’s fine and got him released.

The congestion in the Ghana prison service is as a result of so many petty offenders like Awuah who are thrown in jail, when in other jurisdiction would have been made to engage in other menial community services to help the country.

Over the years, crimecheckfoundation together with other stakeholders have been pushing for the passage of the non-custodial law which will require that petty offenders like Awuah will be subjected to community service therefore easing the workload on the Ghana prison service and the prisons.

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