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I didn’t get my share of the stolen money, but was given 15yrs – Gang leader cries

I didn’t get my share of the stolen money, but was given 15yrs – Gang leader cries

A 17-year-old gang leader is lamenting for not getting a dime from a loot he led yet serving a 15years term imprisonment.

Richard Adarkwa in an interview with Crimecheckghana said, he thinks he does not deserve a 15-years term imprisonment since he did not get his share of the stolen money.

“I am not a thief, so I think I do not deserve to serve 15years for a crime I did not even enjoy from the proceeds, I was just 17 years, being a bad boy on a bad day” he said.

Narrating his story, Richard said, “I worked with a Chinese man as a driver and I was approached one day by my friends to give them tips on days my boss would cash money so they would attack him”

According to Adarkwa, he gave out information on his boss’ movement and the Chinese man was attacked one day on his way from the bank.

“On that day, I lied to my boss that I was sick and so I would not be able to come to work, I joined my friends and we attacked my him and collected a sum of Ninety thousand Ghana cedis” he said

 Unfortunately for Richard, he was seen by someone while he and his friends fled into the nearby bush and that led to his arrest.

“When we were running into the bush, a certain man saw me and my friends and he led the police to my house”  adding that  “My slippers got torn in the process, so the other boys gave me fifty Ghana cedis out of the money  to buy a new one and that was the my only share of the money” he lamented.

The 17-year-old boy told Mr. Kwarteng “What pains me most is that I did not enjoy the money but I’m being punished for it, “I could have been happy if I enjoyed the money and was arrested”.

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