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Released Pregnant Prisoner Gets Shop, Accommodation And GH¢7,000.00

Released Pregnant Prisoner Gets Shop, Accommodation And GH¢7,000.00

Pregnant Ama Anima tells crimecheckghana that she found herself in the Kumasi Female prison because she was unable to pay a fine of 1,200 cedis for biting the hand of her accuser.

As someone who earns 120 cedis a month for working on a refuse dump site, she couldn’t raise the money, so had to go to prison to serve five years in default, in her state, leaving her two children at home.

After our organization, Crime Check Foundation,CCF shared her story, many expressed outrage at her conviction and showed lots of love towards the poor refuse dump attendant. Through the donations of philanthropists, CCF paid the fine of ₵1,200 and got Ama Anima released.

Crime Check Foundation had other plans for her proper reintegration. Through the donations of good Samaritans, we rented an apartment in Accra for Ama Anima and her two children. Ama couldn’t hold back her tears as she was moved into a plush accommodation paid in advance of four years. She almost collapsed as the CCF showed Ama Anima her big and fully stocked provisions shop. She was also given a sum of seven thousand Ghana cedis. It was all tears and tears and tears of joy.

After four months, Ama Anima delivered a set of two bouncy baby boys and named them after the Executive Director of CCF, Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng. At the naming ceremony which was organized by our foundation, Ama expressed her profound gratitude to Crime Check Foundation and everybody who heard her cry and came to her aid.

The prison should not be the portion of innocent babies who have done no wrong. We thank God for using us to save the lives of these beautiful children.

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