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Crime Check Foundation supports inmate with industrial sewing machine 1

Crime Check Foundation supports inmate with industrial sewing machine

By Morkporkpor Anku, GNA

Accra, March 16, GNA – Management of Crime Check Foundation, (CCF), an NGO, has presented an industrial sewing machine to Ishmael Quansah, an inmate of the contagious disease Prisons in Cape Coast.

Mr Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng, the Ambassador Extraordinaire of Prisons, who made the presentation, said the donation was made possible through the generosity of Mr John Ayertey Maunger, the Founder and President of the Prisons Aid Foundation.

On March 8, Mr Kwarteng, who is also the Executive Director, CCF appealed to the public through Facebook, a social media platform for a sewing machine for Mr Quansah, who was jailed 12 years for defilement and has a few months to serve.

Mr Quansah, while in Prison learnt tailoring, as a trade and needed to get an electric sewing machine to enable him earn a living, after his release and also take care of his twins, the result of the act.

Mr Kwarteng commended the Executive Director of Prisons Aid Foundation for the support rendered to Ishmael and called on individuals and organisations to support his initiative at reforming prisoners and reintegration of ex-convicts into society.

He said much as prisoners have limited rights, they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect in order not to defeat the purpose for which they have been kept in custody, which was to reform and rehabilitate them

He said as an Ambassador of Prisons, the welfare of inmates was very dear to his heart and he would do more to support and extend help to them.

He also urged government to fast track the passage of the Alternative Sentencing Bill into law to reduce congestion in the country’s prisons which still remain high despite the introduction of the Justice for All Programme.

He said as an Ambassador he would do his best to woo benevolent individuals and organisations to continue supporting the Ghana Prisons Services.

Mr Ayertey said his Foundation has been established to aid the operations of the Ghana Prisons Service and provide support to the inmates as well.

He said the focus of his Foundation has been to support both the ex-convicts and the Service in their day to day operations.

“We will also educate society to stop stigmatising ex-convicts and allow them to reintegrate nicely into the society,” he said.

He said the Foundation would also support the ex-convicts with technical and financial assistance to enable them properly reintegrate into society.

He said his desire to venture into supporting the activities of the prisons and its inmates was borne out of the great work, Mr Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng, the Ambassador Extraordinaire of Prison, was doing to support Prisons reforms.

Mr Quansah expressed gratitude to Mr Ayertey for the support and also to Mr Kwarteng for the various support made to the Ghana Prisons Service.


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